Get ready for a new weekly feature on this blog, “Your Monday Prompt.”

I’m a proponent of the writing prompt. I use them in the writing classes I teach and I find it a great way to get past the blank page. A good prompt allows you to stretch your writer’s legs to places you perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise. They also allow you the opportunity to try an exercise in writing within constraints. That sounds harsh on the outside, but embracing constraints keeps you laser-focused on the writing task at-hand.

Prompts can be a gateway to generating new ideas, let you change up the way you approach voice, tone, and genre, and give you a chance to explore old characters in new ways. For example, through an in-class prompt two weeks ago I discovered something new about the main character in a series of short stories I’m writing. I never would have gotten there without a prompt to get me started in a new direction.

Starting tomorrow and every Monday through the end of 2007, there will be a fresh writing prompt awaiting you in this blog. This feature, known as “Your Monday Prompt” (YMP or “yump” if you’re into pronouncing acronyms), will feature original prompts by me as well as some favorites from other sources (I’ll credit them, when applicable). Some may come to you naturally, while others have you circling it with apprehension. However a writing prompt strikes you, I encourage you to adhere to its directions and give it your full attention. Oh, and if what you write falls within the 100-word parameters of Scrawlers, by all means post it!

Write it up and see what happens.


Starting tomorrow: “Your Monday Prompt.”

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    Really good and really interesting post. I expect (and other readers maybe :)) new useful posts from you!
    Good luck and successes in blogging!

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    As newly registered user i only wanted to say hi to everyone else who uses this site :>


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