The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Story Notes

The good story note is honest. It may be full of praise or mangled with brutality, but an honest story note during a writing workshop is going to help the writer more than empty compliments from the sides of your mouth. If it’s great, tell them it’s great and tell them why. If it’s not-so-great, … Read more The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Story Notes

Storytelling Tips via Ira Glass

My friend, Zach Ward of Dirty South Improv sent out a link to four short, sequential videos featuring storytelling tips from Ira Glass. Glass is specifically addressing those who do radio and video podcasts, but his thoughts apply to storytelling, overall. Everything he says, like the best advice, is a no-brainer – something we already … Read more Storytelling Tips via Ira Glass

Resistance is Self-Fueled Futility

Earlier this week, I referenced writer Steven Pressfield. In the preface of his every-writer-should-read-this-book book, The War of Art, he tosses this theory at the reader: “It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write.” I’m inclined to agree. Here I am, on a beautiful sunny day, cooped-up in my … Read more Resistance is Self-Fueled Futility

Scrawlers welcomes RSS

If you’ve visited [Scrawlers]( recently, you may have noticed some little symbols next to story and author names.

RSS symbol

These symbols represent RSS feeds, a convenient way to be notified of Scrawlers updates. You can copy the RSS links into a feed reader such as [Google Reader]( or [Bloglines]( It’s really convenient to follow things like blogs and other dynamic content through feed readers.

Read moreScrawlers welcomes RSS

Flash fiction

For those out there struggling with taking the time to sit down and write a Scrawl, this story was written in 5-10 minutes. One of the most convenient techniques for Scrawling is to use the form called flash fiction. Just jot something down. Don’t worry about all the details, structure, or even the storyline. Just … Read more Flash fiction

On giving notes and taking notes…

This is (nearly) straight from the Scrawlers FAQ. We’re interested in making Scrawlers as close to an actual writing workshop as possible. To that end, we decided to give tips on good notegiving and good notetaking; it’s advice we wish more writers in actual live, in-person writing workshops would take to heart… How do I … Read more On giving notes and taking notes…

AWP is the place to be.

I attended the AWP Conference held in Atlanta, GA and learned five things. 1. Some panels have amazing presenters with a passion for what they’re speaking about, and a few panels have people reading a script with no presentation skills. You can imagine which panels caught my attention (and the most notes jotted down in … Read more AWP is the place to be.