I’m not a computer freelancer, but I’ve found FreelanceSwitch.com has plenty to offer anyone looking to be more organized,  more original, and more creative.  I attempted the activity presented there by Robert Janelle earlier this week – solve a problem by writing a list of one-hundred solutions.  Joe latched onto the idea from .  In true interweb fashion, Janelle professes to have snagged the idea from Litemind writer, Luciano Passuello.  By subscribing to Freelance Switch, I not only get a great idea to try but a link to a blog I’ve never heard of but which appears to be right up my alley (it’s about creating higher efficiency, which I need in spades).

I followed the guidelines from Janelle and Passuello and wrote out one-hundred possible blog topics for The Scrawl.  Some I really dig (where and when I like to write, magazines and journals I read and why), some feel like I’m reaching a little (which pens and pencils I prefer to write with), and some are dependent on a specific timeline (writing about my thesis reading, comprehensive exam).  Expect to read some posts generated from this list.

I plan on trying this one-hundred listing activity again for creative projects and work projects, and maybe even try it again for The Scrawl if the well begins to run dry.  If there’s a topic you’d like me to write about in this blog then comment away, dear reader.


Brainstorming one-hundred solutions.

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