Help Me Eat More Plants, Less Meat.

2013.01.14 Help Me Eat More Plants, Less Meat
I’m interested in trying something new in 2013 – I want to intentionally eat more plants and less meat. Can you help me? Calling all connectors, mavens, and salespersons: I’m all ears.
I’ve been thinking a lot about attempting a change in diet for several reasons such as better health, eco-justice, and my emerging creation conservation theology. I hope to write about all three of those here at The Life Mosaic but for now here’s what I’m looking for from readers like you:
1. Connectors – What am I doing? What short books, inexpensive audiobooks of any length, or documentaries on the topic do you recommend?
2. Mavens – How do I do this? What’s involved in making the switch in a healthy, practical, realistic way? How did/do you do it?
3. Salespersons – Why do it? What’s your story? How did you come to a change in diet and why and what can I learn from your experience?
The above three terms are the three types of people who Malcolm Gladwell say drive ideas in his book The Tipping Point. In short, Gladwell writes:

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Certain Music in Certain Spaces.

2013.01.09 Certain Music in Certain Spaces
Today at work I put on Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains and didn’t think much of it; it was automatic. A co-worker asked me what I was listening to and while she liked the sound she joked that it probably wasn’t listening to it to determine whether it would make a good fit for that evening’s presentation. I explained, surprising myself, that this record tends to be the one I listen to at work the most. Then I got to thinking why exactly that is and how really, I’ve had the habit of listening to certain music in certain spaces for several years now. Thoughts below and some music videos after that at the bottom of the post.
I don’t have much music on my office PC but Jar of Flies is there and I play it a lot. Maybe it’s because I didn’t put much other music on the PC so there was less competition. Or perhaps it’s because Alice in Chains

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Cringing Is No Way to Be Creative.

2013.01.06 Cringing Is No Way to Be Creative

I am giving myself permission to be brave: to succeed and celebrate, to fail and learn.

I sometimes get hesitant about my writing. It’s as if I anticipate the cringing I’ll do when I reflect on what I wrote a year or more later and can’t believe that’s what I thought or believed or felt and that’s how I articulated myself or thought it would be appropriate to be public about, and so on. This is the sort of anxiety I have struggled with in the past and it’s the sort of self-editing that can be just as stifling as healthy. Where is the middle ground between standing up for what I think and believe, right here, right now, and guarding myself from just plain screwing up? I suppose if any of us knew that all of the time, we’d be more than human.

Which we are not.

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Four Videos on Being a Salad.

2013.01.06 Four Videos on Being a Salad

I came across a handful of videos about what it means to live in and live as a mosaic within “salad” terminology and thought I’d share them with you.

This professor, Dr. Magala, clearly defines and contrasts the melting pot and the salad. He points out the risks of the salad, that a group or groups can be made the scapegoat or discriminated against if they “stand out” too much. The video’s intended audience is student learners in entrepreneurial work but I think it gets the point across quickly and succinctly. Plus, the bit of humor at the end is classic.


On the other hand, there’s Rick Santorum’s

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I am a mosaic.


There is excitement in being sure and unsure at the same time. To enjoy ritual and tradition while dipping a toe into waters creative and fresh. And to be in seeming contradiction on purpose, with intention, that is most exciting at all. That’s what it is to see one as living the life mosaic.

Around a year ago I read some material for a course on young adults and the church. Sociologists studying trends in and outside the church sought to answer to a big question: “What is young people’s relationship with the church?” Some churches congregations see many young adults but overall, many young adults simply don’t “do church.” That’s a subject for another time. Today I want to focus on some language these writers used to describe young adults.

  1. In You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church… and Rethinking Faith by David Kinnaman of the Barna Group, he describes how his firm defines what is often referred to as Millennials or Gen Y as “Mosaics” because “it reflects their eclectic relationships, thinking styles, and learning formats,” and so on. Kinnaman further explains mosaics, amongst other details, also

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Another political poll (about coolness)

So I watched the presidential debate last night and found the back-and-forth between the two candidates about personal attack issues fascinating. It made me think of something that could have made the debate, while likely not better, at least a little more cool: Click Here for PollSurvey Software | Polls | Email Marketing | Innovation … Read more Another political poll (about coolness)

Is this wrong? A moral politics poll

As one who wrote editorial cartoons for nearly six years, I wonder if the writers of Real Time with Bill Maher, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, SNL, and other politically-charged satirical shows are also pondering this (near-) rhetorical question which has been in the back of my mind of recent: If you’re both a … Read more Is this wrong? A moral politics poll