The Coen Brothers and Me

Here are seven things I saw which helped me know Joel and Ethan Coen were at Normandale Community College shooting scenes for their next film, A Serious Man, all last week: 1. A scissor lift outside my faculty office window, probably getting that “through the window” shot. 2. Catering trucks in the parking lot (the … Read more The Coen Brothers and Me

Noticing NPR background music

Is it strange for one to listen to Marketplace on National Public Radio and grin to oneself or even outright laugh when, during their “Do the Numbers” segment on the US stock market index final standings for the day, they play “We’re in the Money” in the background when stocks are up, “It Don’t Mean … Read more Noticing NPR background music

My three favorite spam comments this week

We’re off for Labor Day Weekend so Your Monday Prompt will return next week. In the meantime… WordPress has made a few changes and updates to its users behind-the-scenes Dashboard (all for the better, if you ask me) but one thing they haven’t changed is their beautiful teamwork with Askimet to deliver excellent spam comment … Read more My three favorite spam comments this week