I rearranged my desk today.  I don’t have an actual desk; it’s a five-foot long fold-out table, the kind with heavy metal legs and a wooden tabletop topped off with a the vinyl sticker coating the surface to make it resemble a deep oak finish.  Because it’s a table and not a desk, I’m able to rearrange what goes on top without worrying about a specialized layout.  Today I swapped my computer tower from one side of the table to the other and everything else – the monitor, the 3-in-1 printer, the pen caddy, the paper – it all slid down one spot to the right as a result.  I’m hopeful this opens more workspace for drawing, long-hand writing, and the laptop, as well as gets the tower out of the way of what I’ve had to christen “the spill zone,” where I typically park my giant glass of ice water.

This is the third time I’ve rearranged this table set up in two years.  At first, the table was underneath stretched out lengthwise under my home office window.  Later, I moved it into its current position, up against the wall with the window to the left, making an L-shape.  And now, the rearrangement of what’s on top of the table.  I can’t say I have definitive proof any of these table set ups helped or hindered my quest for creativity, but I do know I felt fresh and wanting to accomplish something grand each time I set up my workstation.

A good workspace helps me stay creative.   It’s neat and organized, it’s spacious, and it’s all mine.  This may not be where the ideas are born, but it certainly is where they get typed up.  I’m not a believer in fung shue but I do believe in accessibility, appeal, and comfort.  Letting those ideals permeate the place where I exercise my creativity seems like a no-brainer and here I sit, feeling fresh and wanting to accomplish something grand.  Nothing wrong with that, dear reader.


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Enable your creativity – rearrange your workspace.

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