2014.05.23 I Am Now a Tweet Twit
I’ve been live-tweeting this week at an event called the Festival of Homiletics, a week-long gathering of clergy and church leaders on the craft of preaching. The week has been wonderful and an excellent way to cap off Sunday’s graduation from Luther Seminary. I couldn’t be here without FoH’s generous offer of 50% off for seminary students, and I’m grateful they have that option.
You can read my brand-new personal Twitter feed, @thelifemosaic. I still have my @hypotheticaldad account though I’m not sure how active I will keep that one.
And, of course, I hope to return to this blog more soon.

I am now a tweet twit.
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2 thoughts on “I am now a tweet twit.

    • 08.22. 2014 at 1:41 pm

      Appreciated, Bob. See you soon.


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