Mission 2017 Day 1: Embarking to DC

Greetings, Dear Reader! 
We have embarked on our mission trio to Washington DC and Steubenville, Ohio! I’ll be writing and posting all week (wifi pending!) to get you in on all our exploits. Subscribe today so you don’t miss a beat.
Tonight’s post is short and quick, as we don’t have wifi and I’m typing this on my phone instead of my laptop. I’ll offer a few highlights:

  • We have arrived safely in our first overnight location, a beautiful United Methodist Church in the Toledo area.
  • Much of our van trip was spent sleeping or at least snoozing, plus a few rounds of Mad Libs and some sing-a-longs.
  • Tolls are weird. Just… just weird.
  • Many of us tried Bob Evans for the first time. 
  • Tonight at worship, we explored Romans 15:1-6 (The Message paraphrase) as it relates to how we might be community. 
  • Everyone received a copy of Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne. 

    There’s so much more to what we’re doing, who we are, and why we are on this mission trip. For now, please pray for our safety and open hearts as we set out for Washington DC in the morning, and thanks. 
    Okay, just a photo or two…

    I also brought a community game tub for our evenings in, too. I’m a fan of old school smack-and-pass Catchphrase.

    Each van has a Bin O’ Fun, or Binafin, if you say it fast enough. Comes with games, books, and first aid.

    Believe it or not, NOBODY would join me in this piece of fiberglass Americana, so I took a senior photo there by myself.

    Sean and Sergei are ready to order at Bon Evans.

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    1. I would have gone into the teddy bear chair with you Nate! Looking forward to meeting up with the group this evening


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