2013.02.01 My Five Favorite Posts of Jan 2013
Thank you so much for visiting The Life Mosaic during its inaugural month. I appreciate your encouragement and interaction and I hope it’s been something you’ve enjoyed as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it. In case you’re late to the part or missed a post, I thought I’d take a brief moment to lift up my top five favorite posts from January, 2013:
1. Cringing Is No Way to Be Creative – I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have to give myself permission to create, to succeed, to fail. This is my pep talk to me and you.
2. When Men Are Boys – While I like video games I don’t like the anti-woman culture of video games. Even if you ignore my post, please watch the video of Anita Sarkeesan in it; it will get you thinking.
3. Dr. James Dobson’s Theology Is Heartbreaking – This post was not easy to write as theology is a malleable thing yet I think this was an important step for me and I offer it for your consideration.
4. What’s Your Petri Dish? – I know some artists who hate any constraint, any barrier. And yet, there’s value in those boundaries.
5. Community Breathes In, Breathes Out– After a friend passed away, I observed how various circles and communities in his life were breathed in a little closer as he breathed out. Really, this is what communities do all the time.
Here’s to your presence last month and here’s to the future.

My Five Favorite Posts of January, 2013.
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