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A Closer Look | Great films, writing, and other creative material. What I like, why I like it.
| Informational messages as needed.
| Short-and-sweet creative writing exercises and original comedy bits.
Caught My Eye
| Innovative, poignant, and cool items I discovered this week.
Contests | I like to give away cool stuff. Certainly, you’ll enjoy winning it.
| Thoughts on being a good teacher and being a good student.
First Thing Monday
| Original writing prompts to kick off the week creatively.
Innovation | What we can learn from new technology and entrepreneurship.
Ministry | Ideas, questions, experiments, and results in kingdom-building.
|Improv performance, teaching, festivals, theory. Theater. Ukulele.
Personal Notes
| Reflections on the art of living.
Reading | There’s nothing like a good story, so let’s talk about them together.
| Exploring innovations in justice-oriented and progressive theology.
| Challenges and rewards of drafting, workshop, embracing constraints, etc.

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