Everyone has a story to tell. Writing is one of those ancient, tangible ways of getting the story out of one’s head and down on paper (or into the datastream). No one can make a story more or less of a story – a story is either good, or it isn’t, if you ask me. However, I do believe the manner in which a story is told can make or break a story. The better the delivery, the more interesting the story becomes, and that’s where good writing comes in.

Improving your writing improves your storytelling. And, if you believe as I do that everyone (including you, dear reader) has a story worth telling, it’s time to make sure the manner in which you tell your story is worth reading.

We’re hopeful this website gives writers an opportunity to improve their writing. Call it storytelling, if you wish, it’s all the same to me. If you have a story to tell, you have an audience that wants to or needs to read it. Workshopping a story here will helpfully allow you to prepare it for your audience. To get it “just right.” Or, at the very least, better.

Keep writing!

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