Accidental Playlist – Devo, Al Green, Simon & Garfunkel.

2013.02.09 Accidental Playlist
My phone has decided the Greatest Hits albums from Devo, Al Green, and Simon & Garfunkel are all one big mash-up album, a song at a time from each artist, over and over, for 45 tracks total.
In a way, such an eclectic mix is a testament to my being a mosaic of tastes and influences. In another way, it’s just plain weird. So many of these forty-five tracks are love songs and nearly all of them have an emotional core of longing, pining, desire. So three artists, all quite active in the 1970s, all exploring similar themes, yet in highly nuanced, completely different stylistic approaches: New Wave, Soul, and Folk, respectively.
I’m left with three options:
1. Pick and choose songs individually.
2. Create playlists for each album.
3. Embrace one of the most fascinating accidental playlists I’ve ever experienced.
The songs appear in the recurring order of Devo, Al Green, Simon & Garfunkel. Grouping the songs into trios, there are some

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Certain Music in Certain Spaces.

2013.01.09 Certain Music in Certain Spaces
Today at work I put on Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains and didn’t think much of it; it was automatic. A co-worker asked me what I was listening to and while she liked the sound she joked that it probably wasn’t listening to it to determine whether it would make a good fit for that evening’s presentation. I explained, surprising myself, that this record tends to be the one I listen to at work the most. Then I got to thinking why exactly that is and how really, I’ve had the habit of listening to certain music in certain spaces for several years now. Thoughts below and some music videos after that at the bottom of the post.
I don’t have much music on my office PC but Jar of Flies is there and I play it a lot. Maybe it’s because I didn’t put much other music on the PC so there was less competition. Or perhaps it’s because Alice in Chains

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