I’m in the San Francisco Improv Festival.

Today I received notice my solo improv format, The Uncle Ukulele Show, has been accepted to the San Francisco Improv Festival. This will mark my second festival appearance as Uncle Ukulele, and my sixth festival appearance overall. SFIF features one-hour performance slots, and that means developing new directions for the show to grow. I already have more segments than a typical twenty-minute set allows, and I’ve brainstormed more and will be diligent in making them reach their fullest potential. I’ll have my performance dates set soon, but I know I’ll be traveling west some time in July or August.

It occurs to me I don’t have much information about Uncle Ukulele on the interweb, so I’ll try to change that soon. In the meantime, I can give a brief bit of information here and now. This is from the show’s submission release:

Uncle Ukulele is a musical solo improv show created by Nate Melcher. As “Uncle Ukulele,” a friendly, overly-upbeat children’s entertainer, Melcher asks the audience to embrace their sense of play and remember the wonder of childhood. Together, they will venture forth on a wild adventure filled with fun songs, crazy stories, silly sing-a-longs, puppet shows, and tons of audience participation. With his trusty ukulele at his side, Uncle Ukulele has been making audiences laugh since March of 2007.

Some posts are in the pipeline detailing what the show is like, how I developed a solo improv form that works for me, as well as how I practice solo improv. Also expect notices about some upcoming shows in Minneapolis for the local readers.


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