Mission: Texas – Day 3, Part 2

Like the Day 2, Part 2 post, the Day 3, Part 2 post is being written the next day, but covers Day 3 events, so hopefully my mind’s eye is clear.

Last night everyone returned tired and hungry. Chris’s chili hit the spot and my request for the grocery-buying team to get a bag of oyster crackers topped it off, well. Steve C. and I find more and more ways to be “twins” – we’ve worn nearly the same shirts at church before a few times, then both wore Minnesota Twins shirts, laughed at / told similar jokes, and we both made it our business to dice up some white onion for our chili. Rather than say I’m frightened how much I’m like a gentleman a few decades my senior, I’ll instead propose that this must help Steve feel younger and leave it at that.

After a few showers and some time to rest, I led a brief worship service kicked off by Molly D. and me playing a guitar / ukulele duet of “Weave Me the Sunshine” and “I Like Bananas.” With The Message translation of Romans 15:1-2 as the backbone of the worship service, I spoke about our group and how we should be proud of what we’re accomplishing, as well as our courage to take a chance and travel to Texas over New Year’s to try something new. We remembered those back home who considered the trip but ultimately ended up not coming along; we promised each other not to return with an attitude of, “You missed out,” but rather, “We missed you; we hope you come with next time.” We broke out into our small groups to discuss what brought us on the trip and how we would help each other be strong throughout the rest of the trip, then wrapped up with a sing-a-long of “Lean On Me.”

The group dispersed after worship. Some chose to rest or read (most of the adults) while others joined Molly D. and me for more singing during a guitar / ukulele jam, though she was awesome to yet again let Trevor N. and Pete S. borrow her guitar to play a few songs, too. The youth room was locked so we didn’t watch a movie and weren’t able to get access to our Great Dalmuti cards, so the evening was low-key with light music playing and plenty of conversation. While I wish we had access to the room (we will on Wednesday), I’m glad for the break from things like movies and were able to have conversations.

Highlights of the evening included Kristen and me telling old camp stories to youth while Kent told even older camp stories to Kristen and me, bad jokes at dinner, Dave S.’s brother, Ken, giving everyone light-up, football-shaped plastic premiums from Hewlett-Packard (his employer), seeing Kent put the lights over his eyes and Piper C. taking photos of Alien Kent, telling youth about the comments we’ve had on the blog, seeing Kelly light up at the sight of her new fleece blanket and air mattress, a certain youth admitting while they weren’t sure they wanted to attend the trip that they’re really glad they came, and my meeting Miss Shirley, the church custodian, who will (hopefully be able to) let me into the church once a day to blog. An elder sweetheart with what seems to me to be genuine Southern courtesy and mannerisms, Miss Shirley is a lively woman living in a camper trailer in the church parking lot after hurricane season. As I say, hopefully our schedules will click for the rest of the trip so blog updates can continue.


Hey, hey, hey! I’ve even got some photos from tonight, too:

Alien Kent and his new eyeballs.
Jamming out in our jammies.
Nate, Trevor N., and Pete S. jamming out in jammies.
Molly D. and Nate playing worship music as Piper C. and Kelsey W. sing.
Molly D. and Nate playing worship music as Piper C. and Kelsey W. stand behind them to sing along.

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