A quick political thought

A quick thought and a hopefully non-empty promise to return to blogging soon:

Who decided the focus of the $838 / $789.5 / $825 billion ever-changing stimulus package should be how much money is involved? Who decided that gets to be the name of the package? Why does President Roosevelt get his “New Deal” and President Obama get a dollar amount? Do we know how much the “New Deal” cost? Most people probably don’t, not unless they specifically seek out the information. All most people know is it worked; they don’t even know about it’s starts and stops, its triumphs and failures along the way – just that it worked.

Is that what time lets us do? Gain distance and lose immediate perspective while gaining general admiration? And if so, is that such a good thing? Because meanwhile, every dollar of the multi-hundred billion dollar stimulus package going into effect these days is open to scrutiny by every discerning soul who cares to offer an opinion.

Just seems backwards and non-progressive to me.

I’ll be back to blogging regularly soon.


1 Comment

  1. Every time they talk about that kind of money, I always think things like “I said a million-bajillion dollars not a bajillion-trillion.”


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