Your Friday Recommendation #36

Some of the teenagers in my youth group have been coming together for a year to perform in short videos that satirize The Office. Rather than an annoying boss who disrupts an office setting, our videos feature an annoying youth director who disrupts his youth group. Writing the script is always an exercise in excruciating self-examination, but I’m happy with the end results.

This week, our latest video, The Youth Room: The Good Samaritan, was created with the Minnesota United Methodist Church Annual Conference in mind, an event that sees hundreds of ordained clergy and church lay leaders gather to present and vote on church legislation and share ideas. This year, their theme is the parable of the Good Samaritan and they’re looking for new and unique ways to teach its lessons. I wrote this video and hope it finds its way into being presented at Annual Conference. The video is available at YouTube or you can watch the video below. I highly recommend watching it in “high quality” to catch detail.

This is the fourth episode of The Youth Room that the Youth Forum has made and our seventh short film overall in my time working with them. You can see episode three, episode two, and one, as well. I welcome and appreciate your honest ratings and comments, as well as your subscription to my YouTube channel.


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