Our Group T-Shirts Are Ready

Jackie F. has passed along to me the image of the t-shirts our group will have during the trip. Click the pic to see it enlarged:

The only Spanish I know is what I learned on Sesame Street over twenty years ago. Anyone care to enlighten me on what the t-shirt reads in the comments section? (Update: translation and the shirt’s origins are in the comments. Thanks, Jackie.)



  1. Oh…the translation, of course.

    Beneath the image of Monsenor is a phrase Jon Sobrino uses to describe Romero’s life that Chris loves. “Archbishop Romero was a gospel.” (p. 52 in Witnesses).

    On the back it reads, “United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, MN in solidarity with the people of El Salvador.”

    To thank we have Amanda Hunter for the image of Romero, and on the way to that one, there are some others that are just as powerful;Sara Lynn Wilhelm Garbers for arranging production; Joshua Eshbach for the printing, and Chris Smith for the inspiration.

    It is a pleasure to work with all of you. – Jackie


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