My Five Favorite Posts of January, 2013.

2013.02.01 My Five Favorite Posts of Jan 2013

Thank you so much for visiting The Life Mosaic during its inaugural month. I appreciate your encouragement and interaction and I hope it’s been something you’ve enjoyed as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it. In case you’re late to the part or missed a post, I thought I’d take a brief moment to lift up my top five favorite posts from January, 2013:

1. Cringing Is No Way to Be Creative – I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have to give myself permission to create, to succeed, to fail. This is my pep talk to me and you.

2. When Men Are Boys – While I like video games I don’t like the anti-woman culture of video games. Even if you ignore my post, please watch the video of Anita Sarkeesan in it; it will get you thinking.

3. Dr. James Dobson’s Theology Is Heartbreaking – This post was not easy to write as theology is a malleable thing yet I think this was an important step for me and I offer it for your consideration.

4. What’s Your Petri Dish? – I know some artists who hate any constraint, any barrier. And yet, there’s value in those boundaries.

5. Community Breathes In, Breathes Out– After a friend passed away, I observed how various circles and communities in his life were breathed in a little closer as he breathed out. Really, this is what communities do all the time.

Here’s to your presence last month and here’s to the future.



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