My Kind of Nerds.

2013.02.22 Nerds 06

I’m a nerd. Nerds are awesome.

These people are my kind of nerds:

Ukulele Nerds!

2013.02.22 Nerds 03

Star Wars Nerds!

2013.02.22 Nerds 02

Methodist Nerds!

2013.02.22 Nerds 04

Art Nerds!

2013.02.22 Nerds 05

Simpsons Nerds!

2013.02.23 Nerds 01

So here’s to the nerds: not everyone will get you, but the right people will get you!

Who are your kind of nerds?


P.S. To those persons in the Flickr photos I posted above, I use the word “nerd” with a lot, a lot, of love!


      1. Thanks very much for your kind words about my blog. I;’ll certainly get back to you with some tips & ides for your vegetarian Lent quest. Good luck with that.


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