2014 Christmas Short Story #11 | The Little Things

The Little Things
A (Slightly-Inappropriate) 100-Word Short Story
By Nate Melcher
Inspired by the card’s artwork

11 The Little Things

Everyone trusts penguins!
They’re so cute and fun and the way they waddle across the ice, well, it’s just enough to melt any heart at the sight of the little things.
It’s probably why the Penguin Gang was able to make off with the entire village’s Christmas gifts that year. After all, when a trio of little penguins shows up at your door, does a little waddling dance, picks up your gifts with their little flippers, and sails away on their little sled, who’s really going to stop them?
The villagers found their gifts in an eBay store called PenguinPresents4U.
You can read more about my process in crafting fifteen short stories based on Christmas greeting cards. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Nate, these links aren’t working…  I can only get the first 4 stories on Life Mosaic.  Nancy Glades
    “The shortest distance between two people is a story.”


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