2014 Christmas Short Story #14 | The Stocking Cap

The Stocking Cap
A (Slightly-Inappropriate) 100-Word Short Story
By Nate Melcher
Inspired by the card’s artwork

14 The Stocking Hat

Susie was overjoyed. She’d finally found a stocking cap that fit the exact size and shape of her conical head. No more would the other snowpeople laugh at her or her designers, little Joey and Carmen Wilkenson. They’d worked hard on building her and the last thing she would do is let children be ridiculed by her fellow snowpeople.
They’re just jealous, she told herself.
She tapped the sides of the stocking cap with both hands and smiled at its solid crunching sounds from her head, all packed in tight.
I am beautiful! As beautiful and unique as any snowflake!
You can read more about my process in crafting fifteen short stories based on Christmas greeting cards. Thank you for reading!

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