2014 Christmas Short Story #4 | Mr. Claus Goes to Washington

Mr. Claus Goes to Washington
A (Slightly-Inappropriate) 100-Word Short Story
By Nate Melcher
Inspired by the card’s artwork

04 Mr Claus Goes to Washington

His magic got him into any place he wanted and, as it had for hundreds of years, it got him into the White House with no problem.
He left the usual trinkets for the first family, and the usual gifts for the American people: a desk full of forged executive orders, vetoes, pardons, public appearance itineraries, and the usual handwritten warning to not expose him.
He’d wondered if he should finally skip leaving the warning this year. He’d shaped every presidency in the history of the nation. No one had dared defy him.
After all, who believes in Santa Claus?
You can read more about my process in crafting fifteen short stories based on Christmas greeting cards. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I’m enjoying your Christmas card posts, Nate. I love short, pithy stories.  Have you read any of the 55-word short story books?  They’re great.  It’s a thing, I guess.  Nancy Glades
    “The shortest distance between two people is a story.”


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