Pastor Nate’s First Appointment.

2014.02.23 Pastor Nate's First Appointment

Here’s a follow-up post to the one I made two weeks ago about my current place in my ordination process. Since then, my bishop has intended me to be appointed at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church and I have affirmed this decision. I’ll start on June 29, the day after camp ends. The official wording goes like this:

Bishop Bruce Ough intends to appoint me as Associate Pastor to Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church and I have affirmed this decision. I begin on June 29.

A few practical matters: I’ll continue at my current church until sometime in mid-June, I’ll get to work with three other appointed clergy so I have a diverse group of colleagues to learn from, my family won’t have to move, timing works out so I can still attend camp, and  I’m honored, humbled, excited, nervous, and grateful for the opportunity. All of what I put in the above-linked post still stands save updated information on the appointment. It’s been a series of meetings with my District Superintendent, the Lead Pastor of the congregation, and the staff-parish relations committee, too. All of these meetings took place in the midst of kicking off my final semester and the birth of our second child, too, so it has been an emotional whirlwind of a month.

My gratitude to all who have thought of me and prayed for me and been there for me in this process. I’ll need you in the years to come, too, and hope I can return the supportive favor.


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