Contest #1 $25 For Your Favorite Nonprofit.

Welcome to our first contest at The Life Mosaic. This month’s prize:
$25 from my pocket donated to the nonprofit organization of your choice.
On the left-hand sidebar of The Life Mosaic I’ve posted images and videos with links to some of the nonprofit organizations and causes which mean a lot to me, including at the time of this writing, Imagine No Malaria, the United Methodist Council on Relief, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I’ll post about each of these organizations throughout the remainder of the month and I encourage you to check them out and, if your heart and mind align, to please make a donation to their cause. In return, I’m offering a little cash out of my wallet for one of your favorite nonprofits, too.
Let me and other readers know about a nonprofit cause you’re passionate about in the comments below. Be sure to include the name, link, and a little bit about the nonprofit’s focus so we all learn something new. One lucky commenter will be randomly selected and have $25 donated in their name to the nonprofit in their comment. If you see nonprofits another commenter explains and want to know more, feel free to ask questions or offer kudos in a separate comment.
A winner will be announced in a new post on or about February 1, 2013 and retroactively announced here. I’ll send the winner an email and we’ll talk details on the donation. Also, if the winner has a blog and would please make a post with a courtesy link to The Life Mosaic, I would appreciate it. In fact, if anyone wants to link to this contest to spread the word, I certainly won’t stop you.
Oh, and I know $25 isn’t a lot of money. Of course, you can always match my donation with your own – and that’s whether your entry is the winner or not!
Let’s see how far this spreads.
Rules (Subject to change; hey, it’s my first contest here!):

  • Only comments made on this post between 12:01am on January 15, 2013 and 11:59pm on January 31, 2013 are eligible entries.
  • One entry per person, per contest, thanks.
  • Your comment must include the name, link, and a brief explanation of the nonprofit’s focus. Example: Imagine No Malaria is a joint effort sponsored by the United Methodist Church and other organizations to wipe out malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The nonprofit must be an established 501(c)3, 501(c)4, or 501(c)5.
    No, The Human Fund doesn’t count.
  • Finally, while I appreciate we all have our own favorite causes, I won’t donate to any cause I find antithetical to my beliefs (don’t bother posting something anti-Christian or anti-gay, for example).

02.01.2013 UPDATE: “Hot dog, we have a wiener!” Michele B. was randomly selected and $25 has been donated to the National Mill Dog Rescue.

5 thoughts on “Contest #1 $25 For Your Favorite Nonprofit.”

  1. National Mill Dog Rescue’s mission is to rescue, rehome, and rehabilitate discarded commercial breeding dogs from puppy mills.
    .It started with a one sentence e-mail that Theresa Strader received: “50 Italian Greyhounds in need.” A ‘puppy mill’ was going out of business. One of those dogs was a 7 year-old Italian Greyhound named Lily. The moment their eyes met through the wire cage, Theresa promised Lily to not only save her but to put an end to the cruel reality of the commercial dog breeding industry.
    In honor of Lily, Theresa established National Mill Dog Rescue in 2007 to give voice to mill dogs across the country. NMDR has since rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed over7,000 dogs. To find out more, go to the website or LIKE them on Facebook ( Thank you.

  2. The Human Health Project (HHP) began in California in 2006 as a non-commercial, non-profit 501(c) (3) organization.
    Since its beginning, Dr. Harrington along with the volunteers, and donors have worked to make Human Health Project a reality. An organization dedicated to making health care information/options available and affordable.
    The Human Health Project team seeks to weave an international tapestry of patient and health advocacy through innovative web-based technologies. This will form an advocacy community of patients, health professionals and patient advocates from all over the world. Members of this community will have the opportunity to contribute health care information and have access to professionals with diverse medical backgrounds and approaches to health care. Through this vision, the Human Health Project seeks to provide information on health solutions as a basic right for all.
    To create a community of patients and clinicians, from all types of medicines, using our combined knowledge to improve access, equity and affordability of health care throughout the world.
    Healing the world through a community of patients, advocates and clinicians


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