about me


My Mission:

My mission is to bring people and ideas together, share strategic energy, and press the play button. I’m a connector, an energy builder, and a method seeker.

My Location:

I am a cisgender male, white, lower-middle class, late 30s, able-bodied, Christian, straight, natural-born citizen of the United States. This is the place from which I read, write, think, pray, and wonder.

My Identity:

I’m a husband, father, and United Methodist pastor in Minneapolis, MN.

I go on adventures with my wife, make up songs and dance routines with our daughters, write in the morning, read audio books in the car, play ukulele ‘round the campfire, save the world on Playstation 4, drink a good light roast, return to Stephen King’s On Writing every August, and have Raiders of the Lost Ark memorized, sound effects and all. I have faith that God creates something new in us every day, that Jesus loves us the way we are, and the Holy Spirit walks with us on each step of the journey.

I serve as the Associate Pastor of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. I hold a BA in Film Studies (University of Minnesota), an MFA in Creative Writing (Minnesota State University – Mankato), and an M.Div (Luther Seminary). I’m the Dean of LYFE Camp and a council member of Camp Minnesota. Before entering full-time ministry, I worked in higher education in both residential/student life and as English faculty. I lead improv workshops for nonprofits (secular and religious) and have performed at a dozen improv festivals. I also make the best cream cheese wontons on the planet.

This blog represents my thoughts only. I do not speak for any person or entity but me.

Thank you for reading,
Nate Melcher

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