And many more

Scrawlers is celebrating its first monthliversary today. It’s been a fun month. As of this morning, authors have scrawled 55 stories. There are 20 folks with an account at Scrawlers, 55% of which have written a story. 61 notes have been given, 20 responses have been made on those notes, and 97 ratings have been leveled at stories.

In building Scrawlers, our desire was to bring the benefit of writing workshops to a larger audience on the web. It appears there is a thirst in others to improve their writing. Scrawlers authors also appear to enjoy the simple creative outlet 100-word stories offer. Obviously, this motivates us to continue improving the experience for everyone.

Thank you to all who signed up for this admittedly green web site. A special thank you to each of you who have taken the time to share your stories and help others by leaving notes. In the coming months, look for Scrawlers to evolve based on not only our original intentions, but also your feedback. Our first goal is to make the process of writing a story more enjoyable. We’ll be sure to let you, the authors, know when changes are available on the site.

Please continue to let us know the positives and negatives of your Scrawlers experience by emailing us your feedback. And, as always, keep writing.

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