Blog comments vs. spam comments

This blog doesn’t receive a lot of reader comments, which sometimes makes me wonder if I’m writing to myself (plus side, at least I’m writing something nearly every day). That said, nothing’s funnier to me than when a comment comes in that’s nothing more than someone asking me to link to their writing website.

There’s a comment that’s been sitting in the blog’s controls since September. All that it says is “my site” with a link to his writing website in his user name. I don’t know why I keep it there; why not just delete it? I resent his comment enough to do so; it’s clear he didn’t read my blog beyond acknowledging it’s about writing.

If I write something worth your comments, please comment. If I don’t, then don’t. But please don’t spam me with a link to your writing website. If you want to create a synergistic partnership, send me an email about it. As for the comment in question, I’ve marked it as spam. And I feel great!


2 thoughts on “Blog comments vs. spam comments”

  1. This was just waiting for me to find it! I read your blog regularly, participate in the SCRAWL and look at your prompts. But if you would encourage people to write to your wonderful prompts and comment with a link to their post, I think you would find great, great success. If you have time to read and respond to even a few of them, it would be very encouraging.

    Can you tell I am a teacher?

    It is all about the connection. Just a suggestion.


  2. This just normal I think, people tend to make it easier to expose their website by just doing it in the comment section, which I think is not a good way. I received the same SPAM comments for my blog. I just deleted them, not because I don’t support other websites, IMHO it just not the right thing to do.


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