I saw Zero 7 in concert.

Let me say upfront that it doesn’t really matter to me how people discover something they enjoy and that includes the bandwagon. If someone got into a band because they heard one of their songs in a commercial, good. And that’s not the band selling out, that’s the band gaining exposure and more audience. This … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #40

I’m excited that my fortieth Friday recommendation is for the third-annual Twin Cities Improv Festial on Thursday, June 25 – Sunday, June 28 at the Brave New Workshop (2605 Hennepin Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN). Whether you’re already a fan of improv or you haven’t ever seen any live, this is the festival for you. Many … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #38

It’s summertime and that means more opportunities to get out into nature and let it inspire your creative juices to flow. I encourage you to give yourself a time apart from the “real world” and place yourself in an environment where there’s less need to worry and stress out and more time for reflection and … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #37

I’m involved in three shows this weekend and you’re invited. Saturday, June 6 – “The Weekly: Yesterday’s News Today” plays at the Bryant-Lake Bowl in Minneapolis at 7:00pm. Come see sketch comedy about local current events. Sunday, June 7 – “Commentary” appears in Improv A Go-Go at the Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis at 8:00pm. … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #36

Some of the teenagers in my youth group have been coming together for a year to perform in short videos that satirize The Office. Rather than an annoying boss who disrupts an office setting, our videos feature an annoying youth director who disrupts his youth group. Writing the script is always an exercise in excruciating … Read more

Your Friday Recommendation #35

If you’re in Minneapolis this weekend, check out the photography exhibit at  by Farm Kid Studios founder, Brandon Stengel. The exhibit appears with dozens of other artists at the 2009 Northeast Art-A-Whirl gallery opening in room 107 of the Casket Arts Building all this weekend, May 15-17 (Friday 5:00pm-10:00pm, Saturday 12:00pm-8:00pm, and Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm). Stengel’s … Read more