Storytelling shapes.

Though it’s been a while since I’ve done onstage improv on a consistent basis, I’ve been performing since 1999. I’ve also been writing during that time, though I’ve realized that when I’m improvising more, I write less and vice versa (lately, it’s the case of vice versa). One thing I dig about improv and writing … Read more

Storytelling Tips via Ira Glass

My friend, Zach Ward of Dirty South Improv sent out a link to four short, sequential videos featuring storytelling tips from Ira Glass. Glass is specifically addressing those who do radio and video podcasts, but his thoughts apply to storytelling, overall. Everything he says, like the best advice, is a no-brainer – something we already … Read more

Resistance is Self-Fueled Futility

Earlier this week, I referenced writer Steven Pressfield. In the preface of his every-writer-should-read-this-book book, The War of Art, he tosses this theory at the reader: “It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write.” I’m inclined to agree. Here I am, on a beautiful sunny day, cooped-up in my … Read more

The Art of Coming From Nothing

I struck up a conversation with a fellow writer at the Caribou Coffee in Hopkins last night and we spoke about writing every day and the book she’s working on. She explained her writing process for this new book is different than anything she’s experienced before. Instead of hammering out details and then getting into … Read more