Five More Practical Gift Ideas for Your Pastor, Clergy, or Seminary Student

Three years ago, I wrote possibly my most-popular blog article ever, Five Practical Gift Ideas for Your Pastor or Seminary Student. Today, I’m writing this while on a 1-month spiritual renewal leave. This renewal leave is a true gift, and I’m grateful to be clergy in a system that has it built in and to … Read more

Five Gift Ideas for Self-Care, Peace, and Empowerment

I scheduled this to debut on Thanksgiving Day because there are thousands of people who are out there working so, so hard to be a good host today. They’ve put in the time, energy, and emotional investment to clean that house, set up those tables, and cook up that food so you feel welcomed. If … Read more

Five More Practical Gift Ideas for Engaged or Newlywed Couples

I love officiating weddings. This year, I had the blessing of officiating four weddings, the most in one year for me since pandemic. One was outdoors and hot, one was outdoors and cold, one was indoors because of rain but with open-air wall-sized doors pulled open, and one was outdoors and a remarriage and the … Read more

Five Games That Won’t Turn Family Game Night Into Family Fight Night

Our family likes games. Our family doesn’t like fighting. It’s interesting how a simple game can get people riled up. Like, okay: picture Monopoly. Picture everyone at the table playing. Are people having a good time? Is everybody having a good time?! In your mind’s eye, is that game board still on the table or … Read more