How many irons can a man put in the fire?

I find myself involved in quite a few creative projects, and their prep time is overlapping. I’m putting the finishing touches on a solo improv show for an August 5th premiere. I’ve done a portion of the show already in a solo performance show last spring called “The Bearded Gentlemen,” and I’ve done solo improv … Read more

Storytelling Tips via Ira Glass

My friend, Zach Ward of Dirty South Improv sent out a link to four short, sequential videos featuring storytelling tips from Ira Glass. Glass is specifically addressing those who do radio and video podcasts, but his thoughts apply to storytelling, overall. Everything he says, like the best advice, is a no-brainer – something we already … Read more

Flash fiction

For those out there struggling with taking the time to sit down and write a Scrawl, this story was written in 5-10 minutes. One of the most convenient techniques for Scrawling is to use the form called flash fiction. Just jot something down. Don’t worry about all the details, structure, or even the storyline. Just … Read more

AWP is the place to be.

I attended the AWP Conference held in Atlanta, GA and learned five things. 1. Some panels have amazing presenters with a passion for what they’re speaking about, and a few panels have people reading a script with no presentation skills. You can imagine which panels caught my attention (and the most notes jotted down in … Read more

Constraints-based writing

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is: “Why 100 words?” It’s a fair question; one we’ve thought about considerably over the past months. We believe in the power of action. With some activities, just doing it is enough to just keep doing it. Writing particularly falls into this category. Whether one has an … Read more