Caught My Eye #1

Caught My Eye
Here’s this week’s list of five items that caught my eye. I hope one or more catch yours, too:
1. Brooklyn-based band Body Language released a new EP, Grammar, and the download is absolutely free. I saw them open for Zero 7 back in 2009 and was very impressed. Can’t get their player to embed, sorry, so you’ll have to click-thru to experience their eclectic mix of electronic-pop-rock-funk-jazz-soulful delight.

2. I’m a big fan of Paul F. Tompkins and here he is with Maya Rudolph singing a cover of “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at the 9th anniversary show of his live “The Paul F. Tompkins Show” at Largo at the Coronet. The performance is from 2011 but the video just went live Monday. If you’re not listening to the monthly comedy brilliance that is the Pod F. Tompkcast, don’t you think it’s about time you started?
3. Pastor Kyle Childress caught my eye with his article, “Saying ‘Yes’ and Saying ‘No’ explaining that one of the most important things a pastor needs to know is how to say “No!” and “Hell, no!” In a world where the only thing it seems like people want to hear is “Yes,” there are times and places when it’s fully appropriate to say, “No” and ministry and living a life of faith are no exceptions.
A brief snippet from the article reminds the reader that one way to say “No” is when resistance is necessary:

In the wilderness Jesus confronts directly the Power of Death that seeks to destroy and diminish all creation and all that is truly human. Jesus resisted. And like Jesus we are called to resist.

4. Jules Clancy over at StoneSoup has some great advice for newbie vegetarians like me in an article called, “the number 1 mistake of new vegetarians & how to avoid it.” I’m going vegetarian for Lent for theological, ethical, and health reasons in that order (more writing to come on this one). For my process, I’m diving in head first, for better and worse. There’s a part of me who wishes I’d done better planning and yet I know me: more planning often keeps me from doing. So I’ll ding up the car a few times as I pull it out of the driveway. For now, this is great advice and I appreciate some of this thought on what to expect:

The number 1 mistake of new vegetarians: not planning for the change in my diet. In particular making sure that I was getting enough protein and iron.

“Not planning”? Uh-oh…

5. A group called BoredShortsTV has produced a series of videos called “Kid Snippets” in which adults perform scenes with the dialogue all dubbed in from conversations with children. I can’t find specific information on how the dialogue comes about but I get the impression the adults give them a situation and the kids improvise. Whatever the creative process, the videos are pretty funny.
I’d enjoy reading your thoughts on any of these five items in the comments section and also read about what caught your eye this week.

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