"Caught My Eye" Begins Tomorrow.

Caught My Eye
Tomorrow sees the start of “Caught My Eye.” Right now, the intention is for the feature to be three things:

  • A weekly feature at The Life Mosaic.
  • Five items I experienced over the week and want to share.
  • A space to offer your thoughts and share your own items.

This may fluctuate in the future but for now, anticipate the above recipe.
Social media has been an excellent way to share new ideas, innovative designs, moving art and writing, and fun stuff that’s just plain awesome. Friends are great about posting links to interesting articles and blog posts or the latest funny video of the week and these can become a nice addition to one’s facebook | twitter | rss feed. For me, I often find myself bookmarking the things passed along to me which catch my attention the most, make me think or feel the most. I’ve decided to make The Life Mosaic a new way to bookmark these items as well as pass them along to readers who might be interested, too.
Each week, likely on Thursdays, I’ll put up a post with (at least) five items which caught my eye. They may be inspiring articles, moving pieces of emotional writing, sage wisdom, videos of great performances, podcasts that made me think, or cool stuff that makes me happy.
It really is a “catch-all” sort of feature. In fact, I just wrote the first “Caught My Eye” post scheduled to go live tomorrow and there’s a blog post about trying out a vegetarian diet and another about something good pastors need to know, a video by comedy performers, and a link to a new record by a great band. Not everything is brand-new content this week but it’s at least new to me.
This purposeful mixture of a recipe is precisely what I’m talking about when I talk about being a “mosaic.” Some of these items may appeal to you, others may not. And really, that’s part of how social media works, too. When we see friends (and “friends”) posting links in our feed, there is often an aggregate involved so what is to our taste rises to the top. And yet, it’s not all to our taste and thank goodness because homogeneity isn’t all that helpful in a mosaic world. Some of what I post in “Caught My Eye” may challenge people and for others it may become a new solidarity point. Either way, I hope to do my best to keep the weekly list a mixture, a mosaic, of items and I hope you accept it in that spirit.
Essentially, “Caught My Eye” joins other recurring features “A Closer Look” and “First Thing Monday” as a little corner of The Life Mosaic for me to simultaneously give kudos to what’s cool, keep a running list for my own purposes, and toss it to you because I think it may be worth catching. I hope you’ll use the comments section on each post to let me know what you think and what you have to offer.
What I like, why I like it, and what I think a like-minded person might get out of it. I hope it proves helpful, insightful, and interesting for you.

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