Denver Improv Festival – My Trip, Day 1

In an hour, Chad, a cool dude from the Ron Book Team, is picking up Kelly and me for a trip to the airport. We’re heading to the Denver Improv Festival and plan to spend some time relaxing in vacation mode and to see some family. I’m excited to get a little rest mid-semester and do some performing, which I really haven’t done since my summer tour. It’s also nice Kelly could get time away to be my travel companion and roadie; she’s accompanied me to all of my improv festival performances of The Uncle Ukulele Show except for Milwaukee, and while Milwaukee was a lot of fun, I’ve found it’s a lot more fun to have someone her come with me. My show is a solo show, and I don’t wanna be lonely!

I’ve been practicing some new pieces for my show and we’ll have to see which of them / how many are ready. I’ve also been prepping curriculum for an improv workshop I’m teaching this Saturday morning; hopefully we have a decent number for enrollment.

I’ll keep you updated, dear reader.


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