Discovering writing websites: Three-Word Wednesday.

Earlier this week, writer and blogger Barbara Torris commented on a recent Monday Prompt, which led me to her blog to check out her resulting story (a fun tale about a girl strapping on her roller skates, all complete with a great photo, I might add!). While scanning Barbara’s blog, I found she’s a regular participant with the Three-Word Wednesday Prompts provided by an Alabama writer and blogger who goes by the online handle “Bone” and posts regularly at If You Only Read One Blog This Year…

Three-Word Wednesday is a prompt in which Bone gives visitors three words to inspire them to write any story they see fit. Writers are encouraged to then post their stories in the comments to share with other writers, just as I recommend patrons of Monday Prompts here at The Scrawl post their resulting story at Scrawlers. The TWW prompt has run for quite some time (the seventy-second entry is posted today) and has in recent weeks been given it’s own space on WordPress. The only way TWW prompts would be cooler is if the RSS feed showed the three words rather than the prompt-numbered post titles. It’s a unique way to prompt writing, and it reminds me a lot of one of my favorite websites,, where artist Sam Brown creates artwork based on simple sentences or words emailed to him by visitors.

Perhaps with your help, dear reader, we can find blogs with writing prompts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to round out the weekday writing prompt circle.


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