Elmore Leonard’s new book, Djibouti, has arrived!

Elmore Leonard is pretty much my favorite writer ever (I say that today; tomorrow I might say Neil Gaiman, the next day I might say Walt Whitman but for today let’s stick with Dutch).

Monday was Elmore Leonard’s 85th birthday, his fortieth novel, Djibouti, came out on Tuesday, and the trailer for the second season of the FX series Justified came out Wednesday. Three great reasons to celebrate what a prolific, generous writer has gifted readers like me. Here’s the man, the book, and the video after the jump:



Elmore Leonard: 85 years young!




"Here's lookin' at you, Dutch."



I owe all three elements of this post more copy than I have time to offer today and in the meantime use the comments section to let me know what you think of all three. If I find the spare hours to read Djibouti before the semester is over it will be a miracle but stranger things have happened.


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