Hypothetical Fatherhood #7 | Enter Real Fatherhood

This post originally appeared at HypotheticalFatherhood.com, my 2011 side project as I prepared to become a father. Please click here to read more about the project, its migration to The Life Mosaic, and see the entire HF archive list.

The content so far (and much of it to follow in the coming months) was dreamed up while I was still just some guy. But as of Sunday afternoon, I am officially a real father.

Our baby daughter is healthy, Mama is happy, and I’m as proud as I’ve ever been in my life. Our family is very blessed and I’m excited to see where this part of my life’s journey takes me. And while I’m now officially a real father, my imagination will always be churning and there’s still plenty to say about hypothetical fatherhood. Thank you for reading!


P.S. And while I swore I would never actually try any of the content on Hypothetical Fatherhood, I did attempt to play Motley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart” on the way to the hospital for around three seconds and yes, my wife did not like that. Go figure.

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