First Thing Monday #13

First Thing Monday
Pranks can go bad and for your character, today is no exception. Write about a character who attempts to pull a prank on a loved one only to have it backfire in their face. But not just once. Again and again, building one snafu upon another. Stretch the reality of the scene and allow the situation to get more and more outlandish.
He squirts a friend with disappearing ink. The friend wipes their shirt but with a dirty hanky. The hanky gets stuck to his friend’s fingers. He accidentally smacks his own face when he tries to pry the hanky off his hand and his fist goes flying into his skull. He’s knocked unconscious and slides to the floor, covered in Siafu ants. You get the picture. Don’t forget to keep the story grounded in the prankster’s emotional perspective, otherwise you’re liable to just run off with merely the premise, instead.
Give this exercise fifteen minutes of your time. Then read it. Finally, add a button ending to it.
Write it up and see what happens.

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