First Thing Monday #8

First Thing Monday
Your character is interviewing someone and just when things are getting good, something stops him or her from being able to continue.
He has to use the bathroom. She’s run out of ink or paper and there aren’t replacements in the vicinity. A car crashes through the front of the restaurant.
You’ll probably find that different things matter in this story and other things fall away. What was about to come next in the interview might be very important and cutting that off might even be a life-or-death situation. But maybe that’s just the red herring that gets you to this moment of pause or interruption and your characters’ interaction shifts a bit and that’s what needs to be explored. Or maybe a new adventure is exactly what one or both of these characters needs, and goes on, now.
Give this exercise fifteen minutes of your time. Try not to get interrupted. Write it up and see what happens.

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