Follow-Up on Desmond Tutu and the Three-Mile-Per-Hour God.

2013.02.12 Follow Up on the 3MPH God
Speaking of interfaith worship, last month I wrote about Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s concept of the “Three-Mile-Per-Hour God.” I have finally re-discovered the video footage online!
The Seeds of Compassion conference has video archives but I cannot figure out how to access them. But I found it at the University of Washington’s online UW-TV website. You can both stream and download this and other videos from the conference for free. Considering how long it took me to find the footage again, I would download it if you fall in love with this image of God as much as I have. I don’t feel like I’m in a position to take out the piece in question and embed it here, so all I can do is point you in the right direction and get out of the way.
If you go to the 48-minute mark of this video, you’ll see Josh’s original question, an answer from a young man named Ben, an answer from pastor and prophet Rob Bell, and then the answer from Archbishop Tutu.
I really recommend watching this entire 9-minute section of the video as you get to see how this young man retains him composure in what could have been an embarrassing moment, a great understanding of life as journey from Bell, and a taste of the wonderful candor between His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. All of this context simply enhances the Archbishop’s answer, and the image of the Three-Mile-Per-Hour God, if you ask me.
It doesn’t take much effort to see a man of the Buddhist tradition, a man of the Jewish tradition, a man of the Islamic tradition, and leaders of many Christian traditions, and other faith traditions, listen and nod intently to this man speak truth of God. May God continue to bless the world through wonderful interfaith settings and healthy interfaith dialogue.

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