Hypothetical Fatherhood #6 | George Lucas Appeals to Dads, Episode I

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By now, you may have heard the rumors of new additions, tweaks, and unnecessary changes being made to the Star Wars films for their release on Blu-ray this month. The internet is going insane over this, people are choosing the light side or the dark side, and many diehard fanboys are canceling their pre-orders (this fanboy, who has spent much of his disposable income on Star Wars merchandise over the years, didn’t even place an order in the first place).

In an effort to appeal to young men who grew up watching Star Wars and who are now working fathers, George Lucas has added new scenes to the Star Wars trilogy. Check out this scene from The Empire Strikes Back

The full (and large) image is below.  You can click anywhere on the image (it’s all one big image) for a larger version.

Poor Luke. Do you think this is one of the good changes George Lucas is making to the beloved trilogy or a bad one? Leave your answer in the comments.


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