How many irons can a man put in the fire?

I find myself involved in quite a few creative projects, and their prep time is overlapping.

I’m putting the finishing touches on a solo improv show for an August 5th premiere. I’ve done a portion of the show already in a solo performance show last spring called “The Bearded Gentlemen,” and I’ve done solo improv work before, so I’m not going in blind. Still, the show I’m developing has a relentless pace and if the plane doesn’t take off and soar, well, we all know who put in the fuel.

I started my thesis, too, which is to say I’ve been going through three separate screenplays I’ve written. I wish to explore each one completely, but choosing which will be my personal “magnum opus” to close my MFA has proven difficult. One is completely written and already has rewrites incorporated, one is merely a first draft and needs a little TLC, and the final is not written yet but has great potential. The time to decide is dwindling.

I’m doing research for a fall writing project (the third aforementioned screenplay), and I’ve not been doing it every day as I’d hoped (of course). The research is fascinating, and it gives me new story ideas every time I delve into a few hours of reading. However, I’m not giving the project the regular schedule of time and attention it requires / deserves.

Finally, I’m trying to get some hard work in on a book (aren’t we all?). This has been the trickiest creative project to work with, because I’m both excited for it and yet it doesn’t have a looming deadline like the other three projects. Looking over the last few weeks, it’s the one project I feel I’ve done the most work on. This is either me procrastinating on the other three or really giving this one a shot. Regardless, a few pages done on a book feels great, and a few more will feel even better.

It’s a lot to do. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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