I migrated three blogs to The Life Mosaic.

2016.02.29 I Migrated Three Blogs
I have some new plans for The Life Mosaic in 2016 and strangely enough, my first post of the year is to announce old posts from the past.
I took some time today to take a back burner project for The Life Mosaic and migrate two blogs over here, The Scrawl (2006-2012) and my El Salvador trip blog (2010). They join Hypothetical Fatherhood (2011), which I migrated over last year.
Have you ever looked at your back burner and realized there are simply too many pots boiling over? I did at least a couple little things about it, in regards to this site and it feels good. It’s nice to have so much of my public blog content from the last ten years together under one roof. Other blogs and writings may migrate here, too, eventually, we’ll see.
As for new content, we are close. Looking forward to it, dear reader. Thank you for your support.

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