I’m performing in the Chicago Improv Festival.

In case I have blog readers in the Chicago area (Do I have blog readers in the Chicago area? Leave a comment and let me know!), you can catch my solo musical improv showcase, The Uncle Ukulele Show this weekend at the 12th Annual Chicago Improv Festival (CIF).

Catch me on Saturday, April 18 at 10:30pm at the Chemically Imbalanced Comedy Theatre (here’s a map pour vous) for a paltry $15. Space Robbers (Chicago, IL) and Rooster (Bellingham, WA) are also on the bill. You can purchase tickets here. Purchase ten, if you like.

I attended CIF as a student in 2001-2003 and performed there with Rick in 2004. I took a break for a few years due to work obligations and I’m excited to go back (and to perform, no less, which definitely has me more than a little excited). I’ve been fortunate enough to have performed at eight improv festivals, not counting doubles, and while I’ve been to other festivals that are the first to come to mind when I think great producing (Milwaukee, Denver), a local improv scene (Toronto, Gainesville, Santa Cruz), or an amazing time overall (Miami, San Francisco), Chicago is the festival I think of first when I think of sitting back and watching tremendous shows that sometimes feature famous talent. Better get my rear in gear, though, because I drive out early Thursday morning and I still need to pick which shows I’m attending and order tickets.

My old friend, Paul, and his lovely wife, Suzie, have offered up their spare bedroom in Evanston. That means I’ll be driving into the city for a few days and that’s okay; I’ll take traffic over ridiculous hotel expense any day. Paul and I did improv together in Minneapolis before we both moved to Denver and Cheyenne, respectively, and performed as the duo, The 80’s Ninjas, and it will be nice to see him and Suzie again. I also hope to see a few friends from my favorite improv discussion boards, YESand.com, and perhaps meet a celebrity or three. I’m signed up for a workshop/lecture on directing sketch and improv by Mick Napier and am thinking about taking another workshop.

More details to come. Pending internet access, I hope to blog about my experience at CIF. Stay tuned, dear reader.


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