• Dinosaur Dracula | Matt Caracappa writes about 80s/90s culture nostalgia.
  • F-Yeah Lisa Simpson | Lisa is my favorite. This tumblr is dedicated all to her.
  • Seth Godin | Blog on entrepreneurship, rethinking systems, and creativity.
  • Barry Hess | Freelance programmer, entrepreneur, long-time writing partner.
  • Star Tribune | My first source for accurate news, in print, seven days a week.
  • Steven Pressfield | Writer, creativity motivator guru, and philosophy junkie.
  • Upworthy: Springfield | Tumbr dedicated to an Upworth satire via The Simpsons.


  • Bible Gateway | Read any Bible translation for free, (NRSV, CEB, and The Message).
  • Biblos | Read multiple translations, look up the original Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT).
  • Enter the Bible | Professors and scholars present exegetical work on specific texts.
  • | Look up any hymn, any hymnal, including MIDI and sheet music.
  • David Lose | David was my favorite preaching professor in seminary.
  • Narrative Lectionary | Commentary on a story-driven rotation of scripture.
  • Preach the Story | Sermon and worship resources from UMC pastor, Len Sweet.
  • Reverse Lectionary | Learn when which text appears in the 3-year lectionary.
  • The Text This Week | Read what scholars and preachers are exploring this week.
  • UMC Discipleship Ministries | Scripture, hymns, and prayers for UMC worship.
  • Word & World | Magazine on exegesis and ministry from Luther Seminary.
  • Working Preacher | Podcasts and commentaries from Luther Seminary faculty.


  • @TheLifeMosaic | I started tweeting in May, 2014 and encourage you to follow.
  • My LibraryThing – Check out the books I’ve entered into my online virtual library.
  • My PreachingListen to my sermons and Time with Children at Hennepin Avenue UMC.

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