LYFE Camp 2014 Day 2 | Why Practice?

Today was our first full day of LYFE Camp, Dear Reader, and what a full day it was! Rather than give you the play by play, I think I’ll toss out a few highlights of the day, putting them into chronological order.
Morning Worship services are created and led by Senior Counselors (SCs) while evening worship is created and led by the Counselors-In-Training (CITs). The morning worship SCs had us examine the question “Why practice?” by focusing on the scripture passage James 2:14-26 (NRSV). Here, the writer passionately reminds the reader that faith is wonderful yet without taking on the responsibility of being God’s working hands and feet in the world, God’s wallets and advocates and justice-seekers, that faith can turn up being a selfish endeavor, as “faith without works is dead.” In small groups, campers discussed why they practice what they’re most passionate about and the difference spiritual practice could make in his or her life.
Volleyball games are in full swing, too, with everyone having a chance to play at least one game per day leading up to the Friday morning volleyball championship. Our volleyball teams are our Small Groups, serving as a group bonding exercise and people had a lot of fun. Did every team do well? …Well… Everybody had fun!
Word of the Day: if someone did something really well, we put up our thumb and pinky a la surfer dude and sang a little, “Diddly-doo!” This has been a really complimentary community and I personally heard plenty of “Diddly-doos!” today.
Tonight, each small group created and performed Small Group Introduction Sketches. Each year brings on some pretty wacky names and sometimes some memorable names (1,001 Kybosh Trees) and some names that seem pretty odd without proper / full context (Getting Stoned in the World’s Largest Cat Box is not what you think!). This year’s small group names definitely hit all three of those categories:

  • Burning Ice Beans
  • Elvis and the Hound Dogs
  • The Thunder
  • The Wonder Pets!
  • What’s For Lunch?
  • The Buddhists
  • The Oscillating Fan
  • The Announcements
  • The League of Extraordinary Santa Clauses
  • The Informational Messages
  • The Violent Pacifists
  • Kelsey and the Trash Holes
  • Dads at Prom
  • Leaking Hula (We Found It in the Closet)

Which Small Group is your son or daughter in this year? You’ll have to ask, Dear Reader!
We had our first-ever Know-Prize Contest today. Anyone who thought they could name ever person at camp, all 109 names, was welcome to enter. Whoever got the most names would see their table go first at breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Tuesday. Meanwhile, I as a Co-Dean did an exhibition round and if the contestants beat me, I (not my table, just me) would eat last at breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Tuesday. Long story short, I got 102, but CIT Bill and SC Rachel both tied at 107. Here’s to a day of last in line!
Evening worship saw CITs explore Galatians 5:16-26 (NRSV), the piece of Paul’s letter exploring the fruit of the Spirit. It is this fruit which is borne from a strong faith and putting fruit such as kindness and generosity into the world in the name of Christ will continue to bring his kingdom to the here and now. After all, it will take practice!
Tonight’s campfire included sing-and-clap-a-long songs like I’m a Little Teapot (sung to the tune of “We Will Rock You” by Queen), Down Bythe Bay, King Jesus Is All, One Tin Soldier, and the unlikely perennial favorite, Stay by Lisa Loeb. Funny how something that starts out at camp as a joke ends up being one of the most beloved traditions of all!
Please pray for our campers today. God of Energy and Love, thank you for this first full day of camp. Share your energy with these young people so they might be sustained for the days to come. Amen.
Photos coming soon…

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  1. I didn’t get any mail sent to Alex U this week but let him know that we love him and miss him!! We are praying for all the kids and counselors there this week that you all are having a wonderful week!


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