My El Salvador trip blog has migrated to The Life Mosaic.

Yes, I wore a chicken nugget hat in public. What, you haven't done that?
Yes, I wore a chicken nugget hat in public. What, you haven’t done that?

Like last year’s migration of my 2011 side project, Hypothetical Fatherhood, and today’s fellow migration of my 2006-2012 blog, The Scrawl, I’ve also decided to migrate over the blog I wrote when I went to El Salvador in March, 2010.
I traveled to El Salvador with a group of seminary students, faculty, and friends of the seminary on a global justice study trip to learn about the culture, politics, history, theology, and life of the people of this small Central American nation. The trip revolved around the legacy of Archbishop Oscar Romero and we marched in solidarity with the Salvadoran people as they remembered this murdered man on the 30th anniversary of his assassination.
This is a blog I’m quite proud of for several reasons. First, I approached the trip’s organizing professor with the idea of starting up this blog as an assignment and she was all for it. I felt innovative and fresh. Second, the blog is quite thorough, as I took tons of notes and stayed up late to make sure everything got recorded as completely as possible. Third, looking back I like how I offered facts as well as commentary, making it a personal journey that’s not all reporting and not all editorial but somewhere in between. Plus, I knew it was being read by people back home and even by people on the trip. My vulnerability would include their vulnerability and they were all such good sports about it.
That’s one of the best things about creativity: sometimes, vulnerability is everything.

The trip had high emotions and a lot of provoked thought. That was the point of the trip, and the point of the blog. Writing while in the midst of that experience allowed me to try to be as open as possible and I think it shows. There are probably one or two things I held back on, as I look at the archives, and yet I immediately remember my reasons and I’m okay with that. If anything, those are stories for another day.
I’m really grateful for the experience and the opportunity to write about it. Now, it’s here, with the rest of my public blog writing from the last ten years, all in one place. Categories, tags, etc. will likely be an easy clean-up job with only 25 posts but I’ll say right now it’s back burner territory. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these archives as much as I do.

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