My three favorite spam comments this week

We’re off for Labor Day Weekend so Your Monday Prompt will return next week. In the meantime…

WordPress has made a few changes and updates to its users behind-the-scenes Dashboard (all for the better, if you ask me) but one thing they haven’t changed is their beautiful teamwork with Askimet to deliver excellent spam comment control. Every once in a while, I pop into my spam box and cheerfully click the “Delete All” button but hey, let’s celebrate my three favorite spam comments this week:

1. My congratulation with gold’s second place on Olympic Games. Volleyball team was the best!

Aw, thanks, that’s sweet! I didn’t really help them out all that much, but I like to think that gold belongs to all of us.

2. HI Regards to owner of – you create a splendid portal in the Internet! Rate please my little blog: (naughty, naughty links deleted). Excuse me for mistakes – I have bad English. Thank you.

No, thank you, for giving props to my “splendid portal.” But I really had no need for the naughty, naughty links. Your mistake isn’t your bad English (it comes with time and practice), but rather your not complimenting my “splendid portal” more often. Heh. Portal.

Finally, let me take you through my thought process as I read this comment:

3. scholarships,

So far, so good…


I like it, I like it…

and classroom project information.

Hey, this sounds right up my alley!

Partners & Model (link to new flashy drugs deleted).

…Huh?! Er, that’s quite a jump in topics, methinks. Ladies and gentlemen, this spam comment is the definitive definition of “non sequitor.”


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