My wife’s roller derby name is “famous.”

A Minnesotan named Tim has a clever viral marketing website called Who Ya Wearing Today? in which companies and organizations send him a few bucks and a t-shirt to wear during his videos. A day costs $10 in January, $20 in February, and so on. He mentions them during the video which also features a bit of original comedy and the proceeds are all going to a charity at the end of the year. This week, Tim wore a shirt for the North Star Roller Girls and noted his top ten favorite names on their roster, including my wife, “Maggie McFacestomp,” at #6. Here’s the video:

As mentioned in the video, their next bout is this Saturday at 7:30pm and you can come say ‘hi’ to me there. I accept hand shakes, fist bumps, and high fives. As for Maggie McFacestomp, guess who came up with that one…

Who Ya Wearing Today? is a cool idea and I hope it goes somewhere for both Tim and who he video blogs about. There are some kinks to work out. The video shooting (time to invest in a tripod), editing (graphics need to be cleaned up) and sound leave something to be desired in terms of execution (a “beat sheet” to follow would make sure what needs to be covered is covered and that it isn’t entirely scripted but cuts down on improv-turned-rambling). but I think that will improve with practice. Also, if I were him I’d pull back the graduated pricing model. This feels like an opportunity for grassroots organizations and small businesses and individual entrepreneurs and while this is a fun way to get a message out there, money’s tight. For example, I’d enjoy buying a day for Scrawlers but not at over $20 so if I don’t get a t-shirt printed up before the end of the month I’ll have hit my price ceiling. Of course, if this blows up quickly, there won’t be any problem finding people to plunk down $100 come October.

This is all an unasked-for review of sorts, too, but I think there’s a lot we can learn from Tim’s entrepreneurship experiment in social media. Kudos to Tim for trying something fun and for a great cause. I hope it works out and I can’t really argue with anyone who finds Maggie McFacestomp to be a wonderful roller derby name.


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