New features to help you write

A few new features have rolled out to Scrawlers over the past few days.

Writing should be more convenient for everyone. Based on feedback, the writing process has been the biggest headache for our authors. We agree! Please read on for details.

You now have the ability to calculate a word count before submitting a story. Just click “Calculate Word Count” on the Scrawl! page to see how many words you’ve written. At any time thereafter you may click “Recalculate Word Count” to see the new count.

Word Count

Story preview is now in place so you can see how the words and paragraphs will be rendered on screen after posting your Scrawl. We often find my typos on preview screens rather than antiseptic form entry screens. It’s just easier for me to read on a preview screen. Hopefully that’s the case for others of you out there.

Story Preview

Finally, you may now edit your story up until someone else leaves a note on it. The link to edit your story is pretty in-your-face. Simply click “You may edit your Scrawl until someone leaves a note” to edit your story. This little feature should allow authors to catch those silly typos often found directly after posting.

Edit story

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on these changes, or on any other aspect of Scrawlers.

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